Tomas Zabransky

Tomas Zabransky graduated from Medical Faculty, Palacky University Olomoucin 1993, where he also received Ph.D. in epidemiology, hygiene and preventive medicine in 2001.

Tomas Zabransky was, inter alia, a principal researcher of the multidisciplinary PAD Study, which evaluated the impacts of amendments in the Czech drug legislature (1999) as requested by the Czech Government. He serves as Reader in Addiction Science and Department of Addictology, Charles University, Prague, and at the Department of Epidemiology, Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the Palacky University. Since 2001, he runs a private research, education and consulting company ResAd LLC.

Tomas was a leading person of the public movement that achieved the legalization of the use of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic. In 2015, he co-founded International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute, a scientific hub aiming to leverage the research and standardize the production and treatment processes in the field.

Tomas serves as Advisor on Drug Policy to the Czech Prime Minister; in 2014-16 he was an advisor on Medical Cannabis and Drug Policy to the Czech Minister of Health.

He published over 120 peer-reviewed journal papers and chapters in monographs, and authored two textbooks. Tomas is Editor of the International Journal on Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids (Karger) Deputy Editor of the scientific journal Harm Reduction Journal (Biomed Central), and member of the Board of the International Society for Studies of Drug Policies.